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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So I'm lazy...

I was so excited about using my iPad mini to post with, and then I never did anything with it. So much has happened this year! My parents served an honorable six-month mission in the beautiful Canada Vancouver, British Columbia mission, specifically on Queen Charlotte Island also known as Haida Gwaii. During that time, Jake and I were responsible for running my dad's businesses. I did the finances for all five stores, and then Jake ran the Vancouver location. This became our preparation for eventually owning and running our own business come September. So in August, after my parents came home, Jake and I packed up and left beautiful, green Washington for Idaho Falls, Idaho. We were able to purchase a home in Ammon not too far from our store's location, and despite the issues surrounding our mortgage, are happy with our choice. 

On September 16, we received all our shelving and merchandise and began the week-and-a-half process of setting up the store. After a few bumps, we were able to open the doors by October 1 and are trying to get into the rhythm of maintaining inventory and finances. We are excited for this amazing opportunity and know the hard work and long hours will eventually pay off.

Other milestones and happenings having occurred since January are Gregor turned 3 and is officially potty-trained as of September, Evan turned 1 and is just a few weeks from going to nursery on his own, and we got two kittens for the boys to enjoy. 

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